This 1925 Tow Truck Deserves A Free Pass To Roll Coal

(Photo Credit: Mega X 2/Facebook)

It’s shameful, really, how excited I am about ten-seconds of grainy vertical video. But sweet crusty rusty goodness check out this Cummins-swapped 1925 tow truck!

I still think the whole smoke-bellowing coal-rolling phenomenon is gross, but this little caricature of a car is so wacky I’m basically ready to give it a pass.


Mega X 2 appears to be a Utah-based truck customizing outfit that specializes into turning heavy-duty diesel pickups into six-door off-road limos.

As to what we’re looking at here, Mega X 2 explained in the comments of their video that this beastly little buggy “Started life out as an open cab 1925 White Yellowstone Park Bus.”

White of course built many amazing multi-door vehicles for the National Parks Service over the years. But apparently “circa WWII” the vehicle in this video was fitted with a Ford Model A cab, and the frame was shortened to convert it into a tow truck. Mega X 2 says the truck worked wrecker duty until 1976, and that they bought the vehicle without its original drivetrain.

The company then dropped in a Cummins 4BT diesel engine, a common small-displacement diesel engine swap into off-road rigs, along with a T18 four-speed transmission, AxleTech 600 transfer case and AxleTech 4000 series off-road axles.

And just like that, they had what might be the coolest Cummins-powered off-road rig I’ve ever seen.

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