Tow truck parade to depart Sunday morning from Joliet

JOLIET – The ninth annual Worldwide Equipment Sales LLC Tow Trucks for Tots parade will take place Sunday, and will begin in Joliet, according to a news release about the event.

Tow trucks from all over the United States will begin lining up at 6 a.m. at the Hollywood Casino Joliet, 777 Hollywood Blvd.

The parade will leave the casino at 9 a.m., and, led by the Illinois State Police, it will travel west onto Route 6 to Interstate 55 to Harlem Avenue to Toyota Park, 7000 S. Harlem Ave., in Bridgeview.

Once the parade arrives, the trucks will be on display and festivities will be ongoing from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Toyota Park. They will include a live band, Tow Truck Olympics, food, prizes and more. Admission is free.

More than 500 trucks are expected, which will break the current Guinness world record for largest tow truck parade.

Tow Trucks for Tots is a nonprofit that collects toys for children at Christmastime. It is made up of mostly family owned towing companies.

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Driver avoids impounding

A man who angrily reversed a car off a tow truck – astonishingly without writing the thing off – has been criticised by a council for his “extremely dangerous” manoeuvre.

The driver tried to remove the silver Vauxhall Astra from the grip of a parking enforcement firm, by starting the engine of the car and simply reversing it off the back of the truck as it hadn’t yet been secured.

See the video below

In the footage, he can be seen storming up to the vehicle, which had been parked illegally on a street in Waltham Forest, east London, before driving it off in an effort that appears to have succeeded as the car simply bounces back into action.

Waltham Forest Councillor Clyde Loakes said: “The man had an utter disregard for anyone on the street and what he did was extremely dangerous.”

“You can see kids and other members of the public milling around in the foreground of the video and thank goodness none of them were in the immediate vicinity or he could have killed someone.”

The incident happened at roughly 8am on 29 August on Hazelwood Road in Walthamstow and was captured on film by parking enforcement officers.

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Tow truck driver refuses to tow motorist over Bernie bumper sticker


“Something came over me, I think the Lord came to me, and he just said get in the truck and leave,” said Ken Shupe of Shupee Max Towing in Traveler’s Rest, S.C.. “And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.”

Motorist Cassy McWade says she was in a car accident, and the family called their regular mechanic to drive about 45 minutes north in order to tow her home to Traveler’s Rest from the side of the Interstate. He wasn’t able to make the trip, so McWade says he called Shupe.

He arrived after about an hour and began the process of towing the vehicle.

“He goes around back and comes back and says ‘I can’t tow you.’ My first instinct was there must be something wrong with the car,” McWade told News 13 on Wednesday. “And he says, ‘No, you’re a Bernie supporter.’ And I was like wait, really? And he says, ‘Yes ma’am,’ and just walks away.”

McWade has a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on her rear fender and a yard sign in her rear window for Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Shupe , who supports presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said his decision on the side of the interstate this week was more about business than politics.

He believes Bernie Sanders supporters are socialists, and says he’s had problems with two customers over the last six months who supported Bernie Sanders. He said they caused him problems over paying their bills.

“I’ve had some horrible experiences in the last six months with towing cars for this mindset individuals, in that I don’t get paid. They want to argue about a $50 tow bill, and it turns into just a drama and a fuss. And I said, you know, I’m not going to associate with them, and I’m not going to do any business with them,” Shupe said.

“I’m really not interested in doing business with that clientele,” he said of Sanders supporters.

“I personally don’t believe that you don’t have to agree on anything just to be kind to one another,” McWade said. “I was like, what did I do to you? You know, I do believe I try to do right by people. So I was offended, and I don’t know what exactly he thinks I would have done to him directly by being a believer in Bernie.”

McWade, 25, has psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and early-stage Crohns, which she said made sitting on the side of the road without a restroom nearby”terrifying”. She is legally disabled and says the handicapped placard was hanging on her mirror when Shupe arrived.

She also says the family mechanic informed Shupe that she was disabled.

After waiting more than an hour and a half, McWade was towed by another company.

Shupe says he did not know that McWade was disabled.

“Had she been disabled, would I have towed her car? No ma’am. I would have pulled forward and sat there with her to make sure she was OK until another wrecker service showed up to get her home safely, but I still would not have towed her car,” said Shupe. “I stand by my decision, and I would do it again today if the opportunity presented itself.”

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Ohio Bill Targets Abusive Practices of Tow Truck Operators

National Insurance Crime Bureau Bandit Towing Scams

An Ohio insurer trade groups says a bill introduced into the General Assembly would help rein in the predatory practices of some towing business operators in the state.

The primary focus of House Bill 341, introduced by Reps. Ron Young and Martin Sweeney, was to provide towing businesses and storage facilities the ability to more easily obtain the titles of abandoned vehicles in order to sell them, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute.

However, the House State Government Committee amended HB 341 to include a number of consumer protections, several of which were part of HB 382 from last session, the OII said.

According to the OII, House Bill 341 includes the following provisions for the protection of Ohio consumers:

  • No towing service can remove a vehicle from a private tow-away zone without a contract.
  • Towers must accept credit cards for drop fees. Drop fees are applied when a tower hooks up a car, prior to its actual removal. Under this bill, the operator is to release the car for half the cost of the tow and accept credit card payment.
  • Tow companies must conduct an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle vehicle search for the owner of a towed vehicle within five business days of the car being towed. Upon identification of the vehicle owner or lienholder, the tow truck entity would then have five days to notify them of the location of their vehicle. This protects consumers by prohibiting tow companies from storing cars for weeks at a time, racking up storage fees against the vehicle owner.
  • Vehicle owners would have the option to take a towing company to civil court for any major or minor violation the tower has committed against them, such as charging more than is statutorily allowed.

The OII said that some Ohio tow truck operators have instituted the practice of padding their bill when an insurance company is known to be involved in the recovery process.

To counter these practices, HB 341 was also amended by the House State Government Committee to create the “Towing and Quick Clear Board,” which would have authority to hear and rule on towing-related invoice disputes between an auto insurer and a tow truck operator.

OII members and the Association of Professional Towers Ohio support the Towing and Quick Clear Board solution as a means to challenge unreasonable towing and storage fees and facilitate timely release of a vehicle to its owner or repair shop.

OII has commended the towing industry for their desire to weed-out the few operators who give the entire industry a black eye.

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Thieves use stolen tow truck to plow through gate

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A west side business owner is asking every driver to be on the lookout for a stolen, one-of-a-kind tow truck.

Monday morning, when Ted Green showed up to work he noticed that the fence in front of his car shop was destroyed; pieces were even thrown into 16th Street.

“This section here is bent, which actually has to go back to the third pole. This one has to go all the way back to the 5th pole. I mean it just destroyed my whole front row here,” said Ted Green, town truck owner.

Green quickly noticed how the gate was damaged.  Thieves used his tow truck to plow through and take off.

“For someone to just come and take that from us, that’s just a punch in the face,” said Green.

The tow truck is black with neon green lettering that says “Ted’s Auto Care” on each side. Green says this tow truck is the only one that looks like this.

“Even if you’re standing a mile away and seen it coming. You’re going to look, I mean it’s a big truck and it’s noticeable,” said Green.

Within a matter of minutes this car shop is out more than $20,000.  The stolen tow truck cuts their fleet in half.

“We’re losing anywhere from $300-$600 a day from the tow truck,” said Green.

Green told us he has security cameras, but the thieves actually turned the one that would’ve captured the crime.

“I don’t know what they took the truck for. I don’t know if they took it for parts. I don’t know if they’re out trying to steal each other’s vehicles. It could be anything,” said Green.

Green does know all it takes is for the thieves to make one wrong turn and for someone to see it and to turn them in.

“It’s just an honest thing to do for somebody to call and report that,” said Green.

If you do happen to see the “Ted’s Auto Care” truck, call IMPD.

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Surrey man’s beloved car badly damaged during tow-truck ride

A Surrey man is fuming after ICBC refused to cover the damage a tow truck caused to his beloved 1992 Buick Roadmaster.

Fabian Galick, who works in security in the film business, was driving to Hope to meet up with a friend on Aug. 2, when his prized 24-year-old car with a 350-cubic-inch V8 engine blew a transmission line, which left him stranded at the side of the highway about 11 kilometres out of Hope.

Galick, 48, called his brother and asked him to call a tow truck to pick up to take it back to Surrey for repairs.

When the car arrived home, Galick was stunned to see extensive damage to the undercarriage, sides and bumper. Most perplexing, a wheel had fallen off.

“He did a lot of damage,” Galick said of the tow-truck operator. “It will be in the thousands to fix.”

Galick suspects the wheel fell off when the car was hooked up backwards and the driver began to head to Surrey. “”You do not tow a car backwards that has knock-off rims,” he said. “He hooked it up backwards and destroyed it.”

Once he figured out the extent of the damage, Galick said he made a claim with ICBC.

But he was later told his policy did not cover the damage from the tow truck.

He was told he would have to go after tow-truck company Bear Paws Towing and Recovery Ltd., in a civil action, despite his understanding he was covered if there was damage to the car when it was being towed.

“They said I have no coverage and I’ll have to sue,” Galick said of the claim.

But the big thing he said is the danger motorists faced when the self-tightening wheel fell off while the car was in tow. “Every tow truck driver is supposed to know how knock-off wheels work,” he said.

Jeff Potts, part-owner of Bear Paws Towing and Recovery Ltd., said he takes full responsibility for the damage in the tow.

“We’re going to pay him,” Potts said. “It was a bad judgment call on my part, “ said Potts of the tow.

“It is not his fault. I will square up with him.”

An ICBC official would not discuss the case, but instead pointed out people need to do their research when they call a tow-truck company. ICBC recommends hiring a tow-truck company that is one of their “suppliers.”

In B.C., it is mandatory for towing companies to purchase a “garage policy” from ICBC.

If there isn’t negligence by the tow-truck operator, the customer’s own optional insurance coverage could cover damages.

And if the damage isn’t covered under an ICBC policy, the driver can pursue a legal claim with the tow company.

Galick said after a month he has yet to see any financial compensation and wants to warn other motorists to check their ICBC policy and the tow truck’s standing with ICBC before hiring them.

“There are so many things going on here,” Galick said of the problems he encountered with what he thought was a routine tow.

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Watch the scary moment a tow truck loses a car in Tullamore

Members of the public in a Co Offaly town had a lucky escape after a driverless car ploughed onto the footpath yesterday morning.

A video, uploaded to the HGV Dash Cam Footage Facebook page last night, shows a truck towing a car as it takes a corner at Hayes Cross in Tullamore.

As the truck comes around the bend the car breaks loose at the back and heads straight across the road. It then proceeds to slam into what looks like a bin after mounting the footpath.

Luckily, no one was on that part of the footpath at the time and the Gardaí have confirmed to there were no injuries.

Gardaí have added that an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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