Advantage Funding Expands Tow-Truck Finance Operations

Advantage Funding added Todd Chase to its growing sales force. Chase will serve as a sales manager of the company’s vocational truck business, specializing in tow-truck financing.

“Todd brings a lifetime of industry experience as an operator, advocate and financer that further enhances the Tow and Vocational Truck team at Advantage Funding,” said Kristian McCausland, head of sales for Advantage Funding. “Our clients expect to deal with people that understand their business and with Todd we further add to our team of industry experts.”

Prior to his appointment with Advantage Funding, Chase served as business development consultant for Northbrook, IL-based Beacon Funding. Earlier in his career he was the general manager of a family towing business.

Chase serves on the Executive Cabinet of the Towing and Recovery Association of America (TRAA) and sits on the board of the Massachusetts Statewide Towing Academy, where he is a tow-operator trainer. Chase has also served as vice president of the Massachusetts Statewide Towing Association for 16 years.

“I have extensive experience with all aspects of the tow-truck market—operating, selling and financing,” Chase said.  “I look forward to expanding Advantage Funding’s market share in this industry and establishing many new relationships.”

Advantage Funding is a ground-transportation finance firm which focuses on companies in the commercial, vocational-truck and dealership spaces.

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Tow truck stolen from business

An employee of Stanford Automotive at 66 Youngs Mill Road claimed his 1995 GMC work truck was stolen from the business between Thursday and early Saturday morning.

The man told LaGrange police officers the truck was last seen on the Madison Avenue side of the shop.

The vehicle also contained more than $8,000 worth of various towing tools and equipment, according to the employee.

The white GMC truck has “Stanford Automotive” stamped on the sides, a white camper shell on the back and strobe lights on top, a report stated.

The vehicle was valued at $3,500.

Convicted felon allegedly threatens to shoot relative

One man remains behind bar accused of threatening to shoot a relative with a gun at a home in the 900 block of Houston Street just before 1 p.m. on Friday.

Dion Fonterrell Jackson, 43, was arrested when LaGrange police officers found a handgun hidden inside a microwave in the house, a report stated.

The gun also was reported stolen more than two years ago, officers said.

The relative told police Jackson threatened to “blow her brains out” if they attempted to leave the home, according to the report.

The relative managed to get away, jump inside a car and drive to a secure location where they called police, a report read.

Jackson pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated assault in Nov. 2004, the report stated. He was sentenced to six years to serve two years behind bars; which Jackson completed.

Jackson was taken into custody on Friday and charged with simple assault under the Family Violence Act, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during certain crimes and theft by receiving.


One woman was arrested after a LaGrange police officer observed her 2005 Lincoln Navigator weaving in and out of lanes on South Davis Road about 5:45 a.m. on Saturday.

The officer stated he also smelled an odor of alcohol when he approached the SUV.

The woman failed a field sobriety test and blew a .227 during the preliminary breath test, a report stated.

She was charged with failure to maintain lane and DUI less safe.

• A driver was taken into custody by LaGrange Police after he crashed into a mailbox and a parked vehicle in the 700 block of Colquitt Street just before 2:30 a.m. on Saturday.

The man failed a field sobriety test and blew a .14 into the officer’s Breathilyzer, according to the report.

The driver was charged with DUI less safe and failure to maintain lane – both misdemeanors.

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From first snowfall, numerous vehicles in the ditch, even an ambulance


For the last three decades, Murray Kelly has been responsible for tending to about 98 per cent of the towing calls at Kelly Auto Service, and it seems he hears the same story one too many times, “everybody drives too fast.”

Later on in the evening, between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on November 19, Seaforth and the neighbouring regions were given a taste of winter, which is officially not until December 21, as a couple centimetres of snow coated the town – along with temperatures reaching -2 throughout the week.

This is the busiest time of the year for tow truck drivers, especially when having to cart vehicles out of the ditch. Kelly, 51, said the condition of the automobiles tires plays a role in some of the accidents as well poorly maintained vehicles.  “The one I pulled out Sunday, a little Toyota with all four tires bald as the cement floor.”

Since the snowfall, Kelly has been dispatched to about 10-15 accidents where the driver has lost control and required assistance.

“It’s more of no common sense, not paying attention and to realize ‘you know it’s actually wintertime,” stated Kelly, November 24. “It’s (nearly) December in Huron County, maybe I should slow down.”

“We are going to have snow, we are going to have ice, we are going to have slop.”

Despite the numerous calls no one was seriously injured, Kelly said the vehicle owners were more shaken up in the whole ordeal. Through for the most part, drivers were stressed from the aftermath, since the damages would not be covered by insurance.

In roughly 72 hours from the first snowfall, Burkholder Auto Body and Towing Ltd. saw virtually double the calls compared to Kelly Auto Service with one of those being an ambulance on Highway 8 between Clinton and Seaforth.

Leaning towards their competitor’s statements, Brussels native, Shane Burkholder from BABT said only one factor justifies the numerous accidents – speed.

The OPP issued winter tips to the community mid Wednesday afternoon due to the numerous collisions in Huron County relating to “weather and road conditions.” The OPP referred to the wintry weather as “problematic” for drivers in the area. From November 19-21, the authorities revealed there were 12 motor vehicle accidents.

Out of the dozen collisions, nine were as a result of gusting winds and snowy/ice covered thoroughfares, in addition there was a fatality, where weather was not the factor and the other two had to do with deer on the roadway.

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Man Attempts To Drive His Toyota Off A Tow Truck

There are at least two ways this man could’ve handled the situation, and he chose none of them.

Getting your car towed (with or without a good reason) can be very frustrating, but it’s very important not to let your exasperation get the better of you in those moments. It’s always better to remain calm than to hop on the towing truck, start your car, and attempt to jump off the platform because things will most likely go wrong; very wrong.

The gentleman in the video, named Arthur, clearly didn’t want his car taken away, so instead of resolving the “issue” like a responsible, sane adult that is entitled to maneuver 1.5 tons of metal on public streets, he decided to act out (and possibly ruin his car in the process).

At what point the man reckoned it’s better to break his car than pay a lousy impound fine is unclear, but what’s worse is that almost every bystander encouraged his behavior. Fortunately, his attempt in getting the car on the asphalt (and inadvertently injuring himself or others) failed thanks to the chains securing the vehicle’s axles.

So, if you’re in danger of getting your car impounded, remember, it’s better to settle the dispute in court instead of becoming famous on the internet

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Tow truck drivers rally to improve response to ‘Move Over’ Law

The drivers lined up to greet Governor Cuomo during a CNY visit


State’s ‘Move Over Law’ now applies to sanitation workers

When Gov. Andrew Cuomo arrived at the New York State Fairgrounds to announce Phase II of renovations, he was greeted by rows of tow trucks lining both sides of State Fair Boulevard.

Operators say the goal was to get help improving compliance with the State’s Move Over Law.

Most of the drivers lined up end-to-end could quickly name someone who died on the job.

“The last funeral we had to go to was for James Homkey in Canajoharie two weeks ago. He was the tow truck operator killed on the NYS Thruway,” said Tina Lyon, a tow truck operator.

On Friday, a NYS Thruway worker died when he was hit by a vehicle while helping two tow truck operators in Herkimer County.

Among the men and women lining State Fair Boulevard as the Governor arrived were workers from Northern Lights Auto Service in Mattydale, who buried their boss, Todd Young, five years ago this month.

“It devastated his family. Still to this day, there’s not a day that goes by that his family isn’t affected by it,” said Nathaniel Sherman, an employee of Northern Lights.

While New York law does require drivers to move over for tow truck operators – many workers say not enough people are paying attention when they see the flashing lights.

“Nobody takes them seriously really. Nobody is slowing down and moving over for the yellow lights because everybody has them,” Lyon said. “So, we are asking the Governor to amend the Move Over Law to allow tow truck operators to have the blue rear-facing lights, so when we do our job. It’s a little easier for the public to see.”

The law now includes sanitation vehicles in addition to tow trucks and emergency vehicles. Violators could be fined up to $400 and get three points on their license. Sherman says that’s not enough.

“It takes a blink of any eye for someone to lose their life….where a ticket – they can pay the fine and go about their day,” he adds. “Unless there are some real stiff penalties to the point where it sets into these people, they are not going to listen.”

Lyon says she has sent letters to the Governor, but hasn’t heard back. She organized the rally quickly after hearing he would be visiting the fairgrounds this week.

Her efforts reach beyond the state lawmakers – she wants every driver to think carefully as they hurry home at the end of the day.

“We’re usually competitors. But, for a cause like this we do band together as a whole and try to get the word out there,” she said. “Please slow down and move over because we all want to go home too.”

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Local tow truck wins national tow truck beauty contest

BATAVIA — Painted turquoise and purple with silver chains and large stars, Parise’s Auto and Towing’s 2001 Freightliner FL 120 won first place in the working truck category of the national Shine ‘n Star Tow Truck Photo Beauty Contest, hosted by Tow Times magazine and powered by Ford Trucks.

Chosen out of 550 entries submitted over five categories, the truck from the Batavia business was cobbled together out of five different trucks, including a 1981 fire truck headed to the junkyard, and the appearance was altered to look more aerodynamic.

Everything was painted and designed in-house.

The colors painted on the tow truck — turquoise, purple and silver — were the original palette when the business started 60 years ago. Different paint schemes were tried out, and according to Elaina Dickinson, one of the owners of the family-owned business, she and her father Mark Dickinson, another owner, painted as they went along.

“We went with the chains because in towing you use chains in order to tow,” Elaina said. “The truck we think looks like a spaceship, hence the stars on it.”

The design of the truck took about a month in planning, she said, and the creation of the truck itself started in 2010 and ended in 2014, shortly before Elaina entered the contest, desiring to show off the unique truck.

“We thought it was a long shot that we could put our truck in there and maybe have it seen by some people,” she said, admitting that the fact that they won first place came as a shock.

In the beginning of October, Tow Times magazine called to inform Parise’s Auto and Towing they were one of the finalists and a few weeks later, the family-owned business was informed it took first place. In this month’s issue, the 2001 Freightliner FL 120 was shown among the other winners and will have a feature article on it in the magazine sometime in the spring.

“It’s a great honor. It puts Batavia on the map,” Mark said, crediting the design of the truck to his 24-year-old daughter.

The truck is one in a fleet of 16.

Parise’s Auto and Towing started in 1956 with Ralph and Joan Parise, one of the many garages located in Batavia in the 1950s. However, it didn’t buy it’s first tow truck until 1981 when it took on AAA.

“Every year after 1981, we grew. We did AAA all the way up until 2003,” Mark said. “Now it has kind of come full circle back where we are a little mom and pop shop again.”

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Man tries to escape tow truck and fails spectacularly

In a misguided attempt to evade being towed a man tried to drive his car off the back of a parked tow truck.

There’s precious little information on this video, but it seems that somewhere in Ireland (probably County Roscommon going by RN code on the number plate) a motorist had his car hoisted on to a flatbed tow truck for some infraction. Not wanting his car towed, because who would, the driver leaped into action and tried to drive his captured car off the back of the truck’s deck. It, uh, it didn’t go as planned.

Gunning the engine, our intrepid motorist dropped the small silver sedan into reverse and just went for it. Unfortunately, physics (and the fact that the car was still hung up in the hoist slings) intervened and all he managed to do was get the car into a very precarious half-on/half-off position on the deck. He spent a few minutes futilely attempting to get the car unstuck by spinning his tires and swearing, then gave up and dismounted.

Then, in yet another inspired move, the incensed driver tried to start a fight with the tow truck drivers who had been standing by watching the farce with a growing crowd of onlookers. There isn’t much resolution to the video, little in the way of closure, but it’s probably safe to assume that our plucky hero is on the hook not just for towing fees but also for some substantial repair bills.

Driving off the back of tow trucks is apparently a thing in Ireland and the UK. Back in 2014 a guy in East London tried the same trick and drove his Vauxhall off the back of a tow truck. He was more successful though, and apparently drove away.

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