A380 China Southern botst op tow-truck Los Angeles

A380 from China Southern Airlines has been driven by the Los Angeles airport for a tow-truck. This report various media.

The incident occurred late Thursday evening (local time) instead. The superjumbo could carry out flights to Guangzhou in China. On board were 447 passengers and 28 crew members. They all could safely leave the plane. The flight was canceled after the crash. Photos on social media shows that the truck cab is appalled by the collision. To our knowledge there were no injuries.

China Southern has five A380s in the fleet. The aircraft fly daily to Los Angeles.

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Tow truck drivers look for calls to go up as temperatures go down

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Winter has not yet officially begun, but tow truck drivers are staying busy responding to calls about car troubles because of the cold temperatures.

Mechanics tell KSPR that not everyone has jumper cables in their car for a dead battery, but they recommend it.

They also say it’s not a bad idea to have a water bottle, and even a general safety kit that has a flashlight and even a blanket in case you get stranded on the side of the road.

Jason Harden is a tow truck driver with Terry’s Auto Service and Towing in Springfield.

He said the company responds to several calls for dead batteries every day, and that only increases in the winter time. He’s had dozens of experiences with stranded drivers on the highway.

We caught up with Harden out on one of these types of calls on Sunday. The driver couldn’t start his car in a parking lot.

Harden said the weather plays a big factor in battery problems. “It’s easier to start a car in the summertime when it’s warmer and in the winter time there’s a lot more demand for the power of the battery to start a vehicle.”

Harden added it’s a good idea to take your car in for service to get it winterized. Have the battery and coolant levels checked before the temperatures start to fall even more.

Police say to keep your eye on road conditions as the weather starts to change, make sure your car is equipped in case you get stranded on a rural road, and to always wear your seat belt.

Read more: http://www.kspr.com/content/news/Tow-trucker-drivers-look-for-calls-to-go-up-as-temperatures-go-down-404645735.html

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Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake

Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake

Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake

A large, heavy, six wheel wrecker was pulled from the bottom of Smith Lake Monday morning. The location is just north and west of the Smith Lake Park boat launch approximately 114 yards off shore in the main channel.

The wrecker (which sported still visible American Towing & Recovery signage) was discovered by divers last week. The find was initiated when a boater on Smith Lake had his vessel make hull contact with the wrecker underneath the water line. The Alabama Marine Patrol and Alabama Power were contacted soon thereafter.

This led to TowBoatUS and Lyle Wrecker Service being called to evaluate the scene.

Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake

After a weekend of calculations and advanced planning, the wrecker was cabled up in the lake to a military style, old school wrecker supplied by Lyle. With a slow, careful reeling in of the cable, the wrecker emerged onto the banks of Smith Lake Park approximately 20 minutes later.

As you can see in this video and accompanying interviews with Captain Jackson Dozier(TowBoatUS), Adam Lyle (Lyle Wrecker Service) and Director Doug Davenport (Cullman County Parks & Recreation), the muddy, foul-smelling wrecker was loaded onto a flat-bed trailer and removed from the scene:

Wistia video thumbnail - Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake
We called the telephone number embossed on the wrecker. The number had been disconnected. We assume the towing establishment is no longer in business. A license plate (with a 2009 date) and the VIN number were recovered by divers. Davenport will be turning that information over to investigators with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to identify the lawful owner of the vehicle.

The vehicle will ultimately be recycled as scrap.

We visually inspected the inside of the cab. No evidence of human skeletal remains appeared present.

Tow Truck Pulled From Bottom Of Smith Lake

The most pressing question at this marine recovery scene was simple: HOW did this vehicle end up at the bottom of Smith Lake? No one has a concrete answer although ample speculative theories abounded. Interestingly, the wrecker was discovered with fully inflated tires, all six of which were firmly planted on the bottom of the lake. The wrecker was right side up, almost like someone, or something had lowered it into the lake.

Smith Lake Park Director Tony Harris summed up the quandary best:

“I didn’t know anything about this situation when I arrive at the Park this morning. I suddenly find out they are dragging the lake and pulling out a big tow truck. I have no idea how that could have gotten there. Other than the big cave-in to the cab’s roof, the wrecker looks perfectly intact. We really don’t have a clue, much less a plausible theory of how it got here.”

For the moment, this mysterious situation is being dubbed ‘The Tow Truck Pulled From The Bottom Of Smith Lake’. This is occurrence is a first for Smith Lake Park.

Original article: http://cullmantoday.com/2016/11/29/tow-truck-pulled-from-bottom-of-smith-lake/

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Thieves Steal Hellcat From Dealership In 90 Seconds Using Tow Truck

Wait until you see how they got the Charger Hellcat to the tow truck.
This Dodge Charger Hellcat theft is incredible for a few reasons. According to CBS Detroit, the thieves broke into the showroom of Highland Park, Michigan’s, Snethkamp’s Ram City and stole the muscle car off the floor in about 90 seconds. WWJ News Radio 950’s Vickie Thomas shared the security camera footage on Twitter. The thieves push the car out the front door and then shove it down the street using a van (seriously) towards a waiting tow truck. More incredible than the tactics used is the fact that police still haven’t caught the crooks.
Thieves Steal Hellcat From Dealership In 90 Seconds Using Tow Truck
Thieves Steal Hellcat From Dealership In 90 Seconds Using Tow Truck
The theft happened at 1:00 A.M. and the dealership’s owner, Mark Snethkamp, said the cops arrived shortly after the thieves made their escape. “It looks like they had about a minute and 30 seconds to open the door and push the car out, and then we see another car pushing it away. We’ve got some really good video and I’m shocked that the Highland Park police didn’t catch them because they were here very shortly right after them,” Snethkamp told Thomas. Despite the theft happening so quickly it’s a little hard to believe that cops didn’t catch these guys in the act. There was a freaking tow truck hauling away a bright orange Charger Hellcat for crying out loud! What is more suspicious than that?!
We hate to commend criminals but credit where credit is due: These guys had a plan and executed it flawlessly. Other would-be car thieves who tried to drive stolen vehicles off of showroom floors have not been so lucky or well-prepared. Snethkamp’s Ram City must be pissed, and rightfully so. The good news is it could have been much worse, as in $250,000 worth of wheels and tires stolen overnight worse. When you put it like that losing one $75,000 Hellcat doesn’t seem so bad. Scene photos and screen caps via Vickie Thomas for WWJ.
Read more: http://www.carbuzz.com/news/2017/1/25/Thieves-Steal-Hellcat-From-Dealership-In-90-Seconds-Using-Tow-Truck-7737529/

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This Is Definitively The Best Tow Truck In The World

A tow truck is never a good sign. It tends to be a harbinger of great and terrible darkness, in fact. Either a car has crashed, or a car broke down, or it’s coming to take your precious baby away from a TOTALLY LEGIT parking spot. But occasionally they do the Lord’s work, and in a beautiful way to boot.

The worst thing in automotive existence is people who double-park their cars for extended amounts of time. Not only are you managing to block a road, which is a place where people can drive cars thus denying them the world’s greatest pleasure, but you’re doing it with a car. It’s like some twisted, modern form of cannibalism. A moral tragedy all around, really.

And that’s what makes this tow truck so brilliant. Not only does it remove the offending cars, but it also does it gently and quickly. It doesn’t drag the drive wheels, thus messing up the mechanicals, and it doesn’t take forever, either. It just clears the road for what it was meant for – driving.

Okay, okay, I know it’s at an airport, but still! Roads are meant for driving. Not parking. If we’re going to make this a supreme moral cause we need to make everything about absolutes.

H/t to Dan!

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On Thursday, Mirror trailed a towing van for two hours across old city areas, and found it picking up many more vehicles than in the records (PICS: MANOJ BIDKAR, NIKHIL GHORPADE)
Traffic cops would have us believe a truck tows only 20 two-wheelers a day. Mirror tests the claim, only to find that they pick up a lot more, make huge profits, pocketing most of it

In a matter of two hours, a two-wheeler towing van from the traffic police department picked up nearly 30 vehicles crammed into no-parking zones in and around Laxmi Road on a rather lean Thursday, far belying the traffic police’s sorry claim of just 20 in an entire day.

Soon after a Right to Information (RTI) application prodded the traffic department into disclosing its daily towings — the costs involved and the earnings from fines imposed — a Mirror team went on a two-hour drive to check how many vehicles are actually being picked up by a towing van, which works on a contract basis. The survey busted quite a few of the myths the traffic police spun.

For instance, fines were being merrily collected by the contractors operating the vans, who were clearly not part of the traffic divisions and hence not authorised to collect any fine from commuters whatsoever.

“There is a huge nexus between the traffic police and the van operators. The police records show fines collected for only 20 vehicles per van per day. The rest of the amount which the operators amass from commuters does not go into the police revenue kitty, but into their own pockets and those of some traffic police personnel,” disclosed activist Azhar Khan, head of NGO Lokhit Foundation, who had filed the RTI with the Pune traffic police in September, seeking information about how many vehicles are picked up by each van.

In its reply to Khan’s query, the traffic department gave a break-up of the action taken by towing vans, claiming that every van picks up 20 vehicles in the whole day. The van operator gets Rs 50 for every two-wheeler, which adds up to a daily income of Rs 1,000 for each van operator. In the same reply, the traffic police also gave a break-up of the expenses incurred by the van operator, insisting that it was far more than the income. “The traffic police stated that the operators pay salaries to four assistants he employs and, taking into account the van maintenance and diesel expenses, the total expenditure goes up to Rs 2,400. This meant that every van operator was incurring a loss of Rs 1,400 per day. But, it’s difficult to believe that all the van operators are continuing to provide the service, despite incurring losses of Rs 42,000 per month,” Khan contended.

The Mirror team tailed a tempo attached to the Faraskhana traffic division in the afternoon and saw it picking up nearly 30 two-wheelers in the area around Laxmi Road in two hours flat, contradictory to the figures given by the traffic police. When one of the traffic constables was contacted, he let slip the actual figures on the condition of anonymity, saying, “In one round, we pick up six vehicles. And, we take at least six such rounds on a lean day like Thursday. We pick up around 60 vehicles in a day.” This was three times the numbers recorded by the traffic cops.

What’s worse, the employees of the van operator, whose job is only to pick up vehicles and bring them to the traffic division’s office, were seen collecting fines from the commuters. On Mirror’s queries, another traffic constable tried to justify the act. “We are facing a shortage of manpower. So, the pick-up van boys collect the fine money sometimes; but it is only the traffic police which issues the challan,” he maintained.

But Khan clearly spelt out the rules, saying, “Only the traffic police in uniform are allowed to collect the fine. They should also provide and additional receipt of Rs 50 as towing charges. However, most of the time, they do not bother with any such receipt. And that is on the rare instances when they actually collect the fines themselves. It’s mostly the towing van operators who gather the money.”

Deputy commissioner of police (Traffic) Pravin Munde gave Mirror the usual reply when apprised of the situation. “There are clear orders that no other person except police officials should be collecting fines and giving receipts. If persons other than police are collecting fines, I will conduct an inquiry and those found guilty will be punished.”

Till then, between themselves, traffic cops and van operators, have a fair amount of money in tow.

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More Tow Trucks Prowling Arlington? That’s What the County Board is Proposing

More Tow Trucks Prowling Arlington? That's What the County Board is Proposing

ARLINGTON, VA — The Arlington County Board is “upgrading and refining” its county code to deal with the “frequently contentious” issue of towing, the county said in a statement, and one of those changes involves letting more tow trucks into the county that will be prowling area parking lots.

The Board met on Saturday for its November Regular Meeting and will hold a Dec. 10 meeting to discuss “trespass towing” with the public. One of the proposed code changes involves increasing the distance a towing storage lot can be from the county boundary, which the Board claims would “allow for additional competition” among towing companies.

The Board made a number of other proposed changes to the county code as well, including approval of additional fees that towing operators would be able to charge.

“In the case of the maximum allowable fees for trespass towing, the Board is expected to match the State Code in allowing for up to two instances of an additional fee of $25 for a tow that occurs between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. on weekdays or on weekends and holidays,” the statementreads. “The County had authorized one flat rate throughout the week. Due to action by the Virginia General Assembly earlier this year, Arlington County and other Northern Virginia jurisdictions must allow for these charges.”

The Board is also considering a proposal that would require towing operators to provide the county annually with information ranging from storage facilities to state-issued driver authorization documents to proof of insurance coverage.

“These recommendations seek to provide protection to vehicle owners while balancing the needs of property owners and their customers,” Brian Stout, a legislative liaison for the County, said in the statement.

The Board will consider the following code adjustments:

  • Requiring more signs inside parking facilities to “identify additional parking restrictions should they exist”
  • Increasing from 3 miles to 3.25 miles the distance of towing storage facilities from the County boundary, to “allow for additional competition” among towing companies without adding an “unreasonable distance” for drivers having to retrieve their cars
  • Requiring that towing and recovery operators “properly secure all loads to meet all safety standards”
  • Noting in the code that “Nothing in this section shall release tow truck drivers from liability for failure to use reasonable care”
  • Removing a provision requiring towing drivers to document the condition of vehicles via photographs or video before they’re towed, a change designed to reflect the County’s lack of authority in damage claims

Image via Arlington County

Read more: http://patch.com/virginia/arlington-va/arlington-county-board-wants-allow-more-tow-truck-drivers-patrol-parking-lots

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